Wedding Photography at Eaves Hall

Eaves Hall is a fascinating wedding venue, with lovely architecture and little hideaway places that are great fun for couples wanting photography that’s distinctly different. In the grounds, you will find a lovely stone built gazebo. It photographs beautifully, and with a little added light, the backdrop of greenery really comes alive.

Wedding Photography at Barton Grange Hotel

This particular venue is full of surprises. Barton Grange Hotel in Barton, nr Preston, is very unassuming when seen from the road. But go poking around the back, or indeed inside, and the potential presented to the wedding photographer is really quite mind boggling!

The Sparkling Bride at Farington Lodge

Victoria There’s a little bit of a back story to this. Well, not the image, but the bride. I had an email requesting a visit, and I thought I recognised the surname. Turns out her mother was a friend I had lost touch with twenty years previously.

Bridal Portraits With One Light

This was from Lee and Hannah’s wedding in July 2014. I was fascinated by Hannah’s quite arresting gaze, and had the idea for this particular image from early in the day. It’s actually lit by a single light source, boomed above me. Access was a little tight, as there is a piano between the couple and me. As you do.

The Alcove Bride, Heskin Hall

I was looking for somewhere interesting for my bridal portrait session at Heskin Hall, and came across this wall. It was dark, but had interesting alcoves that I have no idea as to what their intended use is. But for my bridal portrait, their use was pretty obvious.

Wedding Photography – Fylde

This is another image from a wedding at The Great Hall at Mains. The fabulous LOVE sign was provided by Typical Type and created quite a stir, I have to say 🙂

Wedding Photography – Great Hall at Mains

Images can sometimes evolve of their own accord. To be honest, I find that they tend to do so when I’m pressured. And believe me, I was certainly under pressure here.

Wedding Photography – Preston Marriott

The Preston Marriott wedding brochure was shot over three days. The first two were purely focused on the hotel interior, whereas on the final day, we were to get some exterior images.

Wedding Brochure Photography – Preston, Lancashire

This is one of the images for the Preston Marriott wedding brochure. The lighting provided by the table lamps gave a really warm and homely feel to the room, and would make a welcoming image for any bride thinking of booking the Marriott for their wedding.

The Winter Garden Bride

When I saw an image of the dress, I thought it was “nice”. I thought more of it when I was told it had been designed by Daniella Jepson. I was a little surprised to be told Daniella had made the dress by hand. I damn near fell off my chair when I was told the dress was made entirely of paper doilies, I kid you not! Hundreds of the things! (I was more surprised to find out it had been specifically designed to be worn).

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