Synchronising Flash at 1/8000th sec

I’m a serious photographer, and I do serious stuff, honest! However, this was just out and out childish fun ūüôā Lencarta have launched a new high speed transceivers for Nikon cameras, the Mach 1N. I was lucky enough to be given some pre-production models to put through their paces. Now, I’d been told they weren’t utilising a tail hack, which piqued my interest, as I’d tried a few triggers previously and discounted their relevance for my work. They each had shortcoming, such as colour shift, misfires or complicated setups. Also, they all needed training in some way which tended to tie them to a particular camera body. Meh! What a ruddy faff! So………. When I was told about the Mach 1N, I was just a little sceptical. Now, I don’t know whether that showed on my face, because Garry Edwards smiled knowingly, and we all know Garry doesn’t smile that often!

Fashion Shoot for Lencarta

A shoot for Lencarta, utilising the Safari Li-on and various modifiers. There's a fairly comprehensive walkthrough of each of the three locations used, with explanations as to why we chose the location, the reasons behind the choice of modifier and how we overcame any challenges that became apparent during the day. For those who would rather not watch the moving picture type stuff, or would like

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