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It only takes one!

I’ve already talked about this particular shoot in a previous entry. But this one image grabs my attention every time I see it, no matter what I’m doing. The whole assignment had several challenges on the evening, especially with it taking place in a very busy bar on their busiest night of the week. But the main priority was to get the required image.

It only takes one!2020-10-19T17:24:04+01:00

The Studio Look

How does this image look to you? I mean, how was it taken? Does it look like a studio shot, low key lighting for a moody feel to it? Well, far from it, actually.

The Studio Look2020-10-19T17:24:04+01:00

Yet More Daring!

In a follow up to the last post (Dare to be Different), things seem to be moving rather quickly for Rachel and her new company. More models, more creative ideas from Rachel, and more venues. This particular assignment had a few interesting points.

Yet More Daring!2020-10-19T17:24:05+01:00

Dare to be Different

A little while ago, I received a phone call from a young lady starting a new business venture. The lady in question is Rachel Mason who I’d met previously whilst photographing a bridal prep session. Rachel is a contemporary hair stylist and makeup artist, with premises in Nelson. However, the new business proposal was as far removed from bridal makeup, as a Ferrari is from

Dare to be Different2020-10-19T17:24:05+01:00

Corporate Climate

Photographing corporate events, such as awards evenings, conference or even the company Christmas party, are always fun to do. The main consideration being the client’s intended use for the images. Are they to be used simply as a record of events for the staff, or are they to be used in promotional material for the future, such as advertising or recruitment etc.

Corporate Climate2020-10-19T17:24:05+01:00

Team Captain

This was a commercial shoot for the Rocket Centre in Blackburn. ok, so it’s not a product shot as such, although the portfolio was to show the team members along with their bikes. This is Lee Buck, the team captain, giving his best “serious” look.

Team Captain2020-10-19T17:24:06+01:00
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