Product Catalogue Photography, Lancashire

Jewellery photography is a subject with it’s own challenges. Highly reflective surfaces and jewels that don’t always react to light as you might expect.

Wedding Photography – Fylde

This is another image from a wedding at The Great Hall at Mains. The fabulous LOVE sign was provided by Typical Type and created quite a stir, I have to say 🙂

Furniture Photography – Lancashire

Product photography on a larger scale brings its own challenges, not least of all being the space to shoot it! Luckily, we have 6,000 square feet to play with at the studio.

Wedding Photography – Great Hall at Mains

Images can sometimes evolve of their own accord. To be honest, I find that they tend to do so when I’m pressured. And believe me, I was certainly under pressure here.

Advertising and PR Photography – Lancashire

This particular assignment was to provide new headshots for their website’s “meet the team” page. Whilst there, Matt asked for a group shot to be possibly used with their social media outlets. After a couple of standard type group images, I suggested something a little different, which is basically what “Mini” is all about.

Wedding Photography – Preston Marriott

The Preston Marriott wedding brochure was shot over three days. The first two were purely focused on the hotel interior, whereas on the final day, we were to get some exterior images.

Food Photography in Preston

This image was part of an advertising portfolio for Simon Dunn Chocolatier in Preston. My technique for food photography has been developed over a number of decades, and the technique has also developed as equipment has advanced. I have to say, the launch of the Lencarta Atoms made a lot of the usual challenges I face with food photography just evaporate.

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