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Sweeney Todd actor head shots

I received a frantic phone call early evening, just as I was settling down for my evening meal. A production company in Lytham were having their final practice that evening before their opening of Sweeney Todd in Lytham at the weekend. They were short of a number of headshots of key cast members which were to be taken by their regular photographer this evening. Unfortunately,

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Food Photography in Lancashire and the North West

Following on from the event catering I covered with Fusion Outdoors, Russell asked me to photograph both the restaurant (Fusion Room, Preston) and also his food. After a meal at his restaurant, and spending time with Russell, how could I say no to such a likeable guy? Besides, the way the food is presented is such a feast for the eyes, it would undoubtedly be

Food Photography in Lancashire and the North West2020-10-19T17:24:03+01:00
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