Sweeney Todd actor head shots

I received a frantic phone call early evening, just as I was settling down for my evening meal. A production company in Lytham were having their final practice that evening before their opening of Sweeney Todd in Lytham at the weekend. They were short of a number of headshots of key cast members which were to be taken by their regular photographer this evening. Unfortunately, they didn’t show.

Meet The Team – Tickled Trout, Preston

I was asked to provide some “corporate” staff images for the Tickled Trout, near Preston, essentially for PR and their brochure etc. Hmmm, corporate staff images, eh? Sounds kinda stuffy to me. You know, those bland boardroom shots, or is that boredom shots?

Food Photography in Lancashire and the North West

Following on from the event catering I covered with Fusion Outdoors, Russell asked me to photograph both the restaurant (Fusion Room, Preston) and also his food. After a meal at his restaurant, and spending time with Russell, how could I say no to such a likeable guy? Besides, the way the food is presented is such a feast for the eyes, it would undoubtedly be a real pleasure to work with him.

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