Feeding The Eyes

  Food photography depends very much on good light, and yet the textures, shapes and form can respond extremely well to quite a simple lighting setup.

New Lighting Courses

We have created a clear and structured range of training days, covering lighting and photography for photographers of all abilities. Simply choose your subject and choose the course suited to your ability.

The Black Widow

  This portrait was always going to be black and white, hard hitting, and pretty much influenced by “Sin City” and the like.

Wedding Photography at the Great Hall at Mains

  It’s funny, inspiration can come from the strangest places. This is a gate at the back of the Great Hall at Mains. The Hall itself has a huge potential for photography opportunities, both inside and out. But moving just that little further afield means we can get something unique.

A Busman’s Holiday for a Photographer

  I’ve often said all my photography is client driven. From food to vehicles, roomsets to fashion, products to bridal brochures, it was always to realise someone else’s vision. Which is great.

Wedding Photography at Worsley Golf Club

  A fairly dull afternoon, with a wonderful view and a great couple. What a wonderful opportunity.

Olympus E-M1 mkII HiRes Images With Studio Flash

The above image is probably not that interesting. A quick conversion from a raw file, with the dust spots removed from the table top.

Using Light to Define The Viewer’s Perception

This shoot was arranged to benefit Rebecca, our model, and also Keli, the rather unassuming and very talented makeup artist.

Wedding Photography at The Holiday Inn in Bolton

  All wedding venues have good and bad points. Some make you work harder as photographer, whilst others can cause you to become complacent. The Holiday Inn in Bolton is a venue that makes a photographer earn his money.

Classical Imagery of Classical Instruments

  I find it interesting how ideas can evolve. This image, for example, was a bit of a throw-away idea for the Northern String Quartet. A bit of something and nothing for their facebook page.

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