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The Leaping Groom

When I get a Bride and Groom that are confident, and will at least listen to creative ideas without shuddering, I tend to get very excited and all those ideas and visions I’ve had for some time start to bubble forth.

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In the middle of working on the previous wedding photographs, I get a frantic call from a mother who wants her son photographed before the hired gown goes back the following day. Hmmm, ok I say and chuck my gear together and head out west. Well, across the valley, anyway.


Scott and Leanne

Saturday proved to be one of the more relaxing weddings I’ve photographed. No rush, no holdups and no complications. Leanne and Scott are both organised people, and it showed on the day. It was a nice sized wedding with close family and friends invited, who were all very warm people.

Scott and Leanne2020-10-19T17:24:29+01:00

The Regatta revived!

Funny, isn’t it? You get told everything’s off. There’s no water, no lake, no boats, no people and no fun! Until you speak to one of the guys in charge. “Yes, the water will be low, and we can’t say for sure how low. Cancel? not yet!”

The Regatta revived!2020-10-19T17:24:29+01:00

The Regatta is sunk!

Just been informed that a regatta I was to cover in September near Denbigh, Wales has been cancelled. Apparently the organisers were informed by email within the last day or so. The waterboard are draining the lake to allow maintenance to be carried out on a wall. The lake will be out of use throughout the yacht club’s busiest time, and re-filling isn’t scheduled to

The Regatta is sunk!2020-10-19T17:24:29+01:00
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