LamboGenie Promotion Evening

Saturday the 19th September, and LamboGenie (the parent company of Lotus Car Hire) were holding a promotional evening to showcase the various companies and their abilities. Following on from the track day, I was asked to photograph this event. The remit was very simple, “Make us look good!” Hmmm, ok.

Adendum – Lotus Track Day

Remember the Lotus Track day article? Well, this is a small update to that entry which I should really have mentioned long before now. I mashed a quick slideshow for the company to use with a promotional evening (more on that later!). For those that want to know more of what they do, visit their website

Just for me!

So what was I to do with two cancelled regattas and five days between them in Wales? I made it a weeks vacation instead, and photographed anything I fancied. Just for me. No editors, no clients, no one. Just for me. So, pretty much a week in Betws-y-coed with pretty good weather and a motorhome stuffed to the gills with gear and no deadlines. I felt 18 again! It was great. er……….. what now!

Portpatrick Weekend

A bit of a disaster really. Arrived on the evening of the 26th August, and looking forward to photographing the jetskiing and spending time with good friends. Well, the friends were great, the jetskiing was short lived (very!) and the weather was tripe!

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