Product Photography in Preston, Lancashire

There is a huge advantage when working with publishers such as the Live Magazine group, which is the fact I get to meet an awful lot of interesting people, and get to photograph some interesting things   🙂

Low Key Model Portfolio Shoot

Meet Yas Nawaz  🙂 Fitness instructor and model. I’d met Yas at a previous shoot on New Year’s Eve in Clitheroe, where we had only the briefest of conversations. Yas later got in touch regarding a requirement for some portfolio images. Considering his physique, I felt a low key approach would be best in this instance, although a location shoot is on the cards for a future shoot too. These were taken at Studio Sphere in Nelson, nr Burnley, Lancashire.

Farington Lodge – After Dark

March is a nice time of year for weddings, as the nights haven’t started to stretch out yet, and the possibilities afforded by the early twilight are superb for a bit of fun   🙂 Farington Lodge in Leyland is a well established and rather popular venue, with rather nice grounds. The early darkening skies meant I could light Gemma and have the hotel in the background.

Penwortham Opticians Shoot

I received a brief from Live Magazine. One of the branches of David Myers Opticians (the branch in Penwortham) needed some images for their upcoming advert and editorial. I didn’t really fancy just shooting the shop front, or just the frames for that matter. I wanted a fairly striking image of their frames in use.

Vehicle Photography in Lancashire

The above image was part of a test shoot for a photographer who wanted to try the Lencarta Safari in a situation relevant to him. He’s based in Yorkshire, and intends to shoot vehicles with a great deal of control of the lighting. Most of the vehicles involved are likely to be customised, so the lighting and therefore the control of it, is absolutely paramount.

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