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Fashion Photography Blackpool

This was another assignment for Rachel Mason, educator at Alan Howard Training, and all round good egg. And as usual, Rachel gave me a scanty outline as to what we would be doing (“Just a few shots in Blackpool…”), which bore little resemblance to my unfolding day!

Fashion Photography Blackpool2020-10-19T17:23:17+01:00

The Hair Game

Some of you may recall a good friend of mine, Rachel Mason, Educator at Alan Howard Training. Rachel has worked on several shoots with me before, including the cover for the 2013 Lencarta catalogue. Anyway, Rachel asked me to go along to a training event, where a new hair colouring system was to be launched. Take a few headshots, a few of the entertainment and

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Lighting the Superhumans

This was an interesting day. I got to work with a long standing friend. Chris Dunkerley of Moo Creations. It was the basis for a design concept for his client, MobileTron. The remit was straightforward. “Give me something special!”.

Lighting the Superhumans2020-10-19T17:23:19+01:00
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