The Love Seat and Patio

There are times when you look at a particular setting during the day, and think “Hmmmmm, s’pose it’ll do.” and you leave it at that. This was one such area at the Red Hall Hotel in Bury, all brand spanking new and early in the day it seemed uninspiring. However, as the light started to fade a little, it took on a whole new character and I fell in love with that little patio corner. Strange   🙂

Vehicle Photography, Lancashire

I was contacted by Fiona Whalley, the Marketing Manager for Preston Bus Company, and she had an interesting challenge for me. They wanted one of their buses photographing. Hmmmm, sounded straight forward enough. A rather large vehicle, but do-able. And it had to look “interesting, as we are fed up with ordinary”. Again, pretty straight forward, even on this kind of scale. The bus was also the first of their new hybrid buses, utilising both diesel and electric power, so the image needed to convey the ecological awareness of the company too. Now, this could actually prove to be the most difficult part.

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