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Review Elinchrom Five

Review Elinchrom Five Following the launch of the Elinchrom One, Elinchrom hinted at something bigger on the horizon. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Five. At first glance, it looked very, very familiar. The case certainly looked like the ELC 500 and the Pro HD version, and the rear layout is identical to the ELC 500. The only visible difference is the battery block underneath. So

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Review Phottix M200R LED Panel

Review Phottix M200R LED Panel You know, considering I'm a dedicated stills only type of guy (Of some considerable years, I might add!), I'm getting a lot of LED panels for review. To be honest, I've been pleasantly surprised by all those I've reviewed, not only by their features and abilities, but by the fact I've actually found them useful. That last bit was a

Review Phottix M200R LED Panel2022-12-03T13:49:40+00:00

Review Phottix Raja 65cm

Review Phottix Raja 65cm I've used the Phottix Raja range of softboxes for quite a few years, and found their quality to be outstanding. So when I was looking for a smaller alternative to my Phottix Raja 105cm, I took a look at the Raja 65. Well, to be fair, I prevaricated over buying it about three years ago, when I went on a bit

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Review Elinchrom One

Review Elinchrom One The Elinchrom One. 131Ws in a small, and rather aesthetically pleasing little unit. But is that all there is to it? I mean, 131Ws? It doesn't seem like an awful lot of power to me. I photograph cars, food and all sorts of stuff, and I tend to need more than 131Ws. As with any equipment I'm asked to review, I make

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Review Phottix Raja Deep 80cm Hexa

Review Phottix Raja Deep 80cm Hexa This is not your bog standard, use every day kinda box. And it was certainly not bought with the intention of using it for all and sundry. No, I had a very distinct idea as to how and when I would use this box, which I will come to later. If you own any of the Phottix Raja range

Review Phottix Raja Deep 80cm Hexa2022-08-16T17:04:55+01:00

Review Sirui E30B Bi-Colour Soft LED Panel

Review Sirui E30B Bi-Colour Soft LED Panel As a lot of you will know, my main strength is lighting, and this is what attracts my clients. It tends to be strobe lighting in some form or other, and I’ve tended to leave the LED panels generally to the videographers. I mean, they’re the folks that actually need constant light, right? Well, I’m starting to change

Review Sirui E30B Bi-Colour Soft LED Panel2022-08-12T19:10:49+01:00

Review – Phottix 150cm Hexa Softbox

Review - Phottix 150cm Hexa Softbox. Another addition to my modifier range, alongside the strip boxes and 105cm Hexa from Phottix. I expected the 150cm to be manufactured to the same exacting standards I found on the others I owned, and I wasn't disappointed. Once again, the softbox was supplied with a tailored case. Really nicely made, with substantial padded walls and a really good

Review – Phottix 150cm Hexa Softbox2022-02-12T21:14:17+00:00

Review Phottix Raja 105 Hexabox

Review Phottix Raja 105 Hexabox I have previously reviewed the Phottix Raja 30x140cm Stripbox. An incredibly well made and extremely high quality modifier. The stripbox was my first encounter with the Phottix range of modifiers, and a bit of a lightbulb moment (Look Mum, I made a pun!).

Review Phottix Raja 105 Hexabox2022-08-12T19:19:45+01:00

Review – Phottix M180 LED Panel

Review – Phottix M180 LED Panel   Now, bearing in mind I’m a dedicated, stills only type of guy. (who said pedantic?) I firmly believe video is for someone else to do, mainly because they will do it far better than I could. So, why am I having a play with the Phottix M180 LED panel?

Review – Phottix M180 LED Panel2022-12-03T09:15:17+00:00

Studio Ninja Studio Management Software Review

A little back story…. Lots of work, lots of admin, an awful lot of accounts work and preparation (vat returns, year end returns, tracking and chasing invoices, regular client email contact blah blah blah). All this meant I spent more time faffing about with admin than actually shooting. It was driving me insane, and the worst part was the fact I actually believed I was

Studio Ninja Studio Management Software Review2022-12-03T09:29:05+00:00
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