Band Photography Lancashire

Montego Bay. The most amiable bunch of folks I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with in quite a while. A little off the wall, and all very different, and all so very, very talented. I first met them in October 2012 when I photographed the Captive Music live final, held in Preston’s 53 Degrees club. I’m not a fan of live music. It’s loud! However, I can no longer say I hate all live music. The night turned out to be full of surprises, not least the fact a enjoyed the whole thing, and especially Montego Bay’s performance. Apparently, you’re never too old to learn new tricks.

Dark Angel

This was part of the shoot for the “lifestyle” images for the Lencarta 2013 catalogue. The above image is how I envisaged the original concept, but due to time restraints and the fact the dress didn’t actually throw to both sides simultaneously without displaying underwear, we settled on the image lower down for the index page of the catalogue.

The Big Umbrella

These images were part of an initial idea for the new 2013 Lencarta catalogue, which weren’t used in the final version. The idea was to have Jade struggling against the wind with the tethered umbrella, trying to stop it taking off in the wind. Whilst Jade is an accomplished actress, she didn’t really need to try very hard on this occasion, because the wind was indeed trying to drag our heroine off her feet, and take her paragliding across the hills of Yorkshire. This is the 180cm white reflective version, and is excellent for throwing a big soft light into quite a large area. The fact it’s an umbrella means it’s very, very portable too.

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