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Lytham Proms 2010

Lytham Proms 2010 was organised by Passion 4 Events for Cuffe and Taylor, and organised it certainly was! 5,000 guests plus VIPs and headlining guests including Lesley Garrett, Joanne Marie, Chloe Walker, Caroline Hunt, Beverley Alexander and more. And what an evening it turned out to be…..

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Stretched Limousine

Ever seen inside a stretched limousine? No? Well, neither had I until working on a portfolio for an exclusive wedding venue. Besides a number of bridal portraits in various locations within the venue, there were also a couple of stretched limousines parked outside. Not one to waste an opportunity………..      🙂

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KTM Riding Rough

I was asked to get some images of White Power Suspension products in action during the MotoX des Nations. This proved to be a very enjoyable assignment, as I was also asked to provide images for a couple of magazines and ad agency. So, to actually manage to roll four assignments into one trip was quite a feat. Hmmmm, haven't managed it since though! I

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Preparation of the Groom

The bride at this wedding didn’t want the usual bridal prep as she was a little camera shy (although she threw herself into the later photo opportunities with some gusto, and rightly so, as she was a beautiful bride). Hmmmm, a wedding album without bridal prep shots. Not something I felt comfortable with, as I felt the album would be incomplete. I certainly wasn’t about

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An Umbrella Without Rain

Occasionally, I find myself at a venue with reduced options for my bride and groom portraits. One such venue is the Shireburn Arms at Hurst Green. It’s a great hotel, with extremely helpful staff, but rather small gardens at the rear. It’s basically a narrow strip of grass and small trees that runs alongside their patio. Well, you just have to utilise what you have

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The Watchful Bride

With her room on the ground floor, Nicola spent quite some time spying on her fiancé (thanks to Jonathan Ryan for pointing out my faux pas!) and his friends prior to the wedding. I had initially thought to light her with a number of speedlights to help separate her from the background, but changed my mind.

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Bride Arrival

Another overcast day, and a similar problem seen in the previous blog post. However, due to distances involved, and the fact I also wanted the dramatic sky to aid the image, I chose a different technique here. Whereas in the last post I mentioned judicial use of extra light to pop the image, this wasn’t really going to be an option here, and I was

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Outdoor Bride and Groom Portrait

The difference between a good image, and an image that really pops, is quite often down to the light, and how it’s been used. Here, the day was overcast, but the ambient light was fairly bright. The diffusion caused by the clouds caused the colours to look a little flat and detail to be lost in the dress and flowers. So, what was I going

Outdoor Bride and Groom Portrait2020-10-19T17:24:18+01:00
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