A Winter Wedding – The Villa, Wrea Green

Winter weddings can be very challenging. If the weather’s good, chances are, it’ll still be incredibly cold. This wedding was on the 14th January, and whilst we had watery sunshine, it was absolutely bitter.

Nicola’s Shoot

This was part of the portfolio shoot I did for Nicola Sumner, a young lady I’ve worked regularly with, especially wedding venue brochure shoots. I’ve previously written about the images from this session that were destined for Lencarta’s product catalogue, and these are a couple of others taken at Studio Sphere.

The Rock Climber

I was given the task of finding images that would relate the qualities of various pieces of Lencarta equipment without the need for huge amounts of texts etc, and would work well for their product catalogue. Some of these images were a little tongue in cheek, whilst others conveyed their message quite strongly. When it came to the Safari Li-on, at first I wondered as to which of its many strengths I should portray. Very quick recycle times, bright modelling light, the lightweight compact aspect of the kit or any of its other fine atributes. As a very heavy user of the Safari Classic, the features that really stood out for me was the weight and small size. Surely it could be taken absolutely anywhere, even the most remote of locations. Hmmmmmmmmm.

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