Vehicle Photography in the UK

  I have to say, I do enjoy photographing vehicles. Automotive photography in all its forms, and not necessarily the fastest, sleekest sports cars either. I just like creating the best image I can for my client. My client? Actually, on this occasion, my client is a marketing company, Moo Creations. They gave me an interesting, if very short brief. “We have a client who manufactures the refuse unit on bin lorries. Can you make it look sexy?”

Wedding Photography at the Fisherman’s Retreat, Ramsbottom

    The Fisherman’s Retreat is an amazing opportunity for any bride and groom when it comes to their wedding photography. The interior is amazing, and the staff are second to none. We’ve all seen the usual imagery from the Fisherman’s retreat and that superb wall of glass in the ceremony room. And those views! However, once we have those images for our brides, we need to look for something a little different. Something to set aside our clients day from any other.

Cosplayer Photography

  This was a bit of fun. Something to prove I don’t just “work” and I have a real life outside the studio, or something like that. A horror cosplay shoot organised by the wonderful Hazel Riddle, friend, photographer and a general tormentor.

The Development of the Professional Photographer

  Meet Wayne Myers, photographer. A fairly simple statement perhaps, but I’m proud to have been of help during his journey from student, right through to fully fledged, knowledgeable, and very capable photographer in his own right.

Lighting For Drama

My brother lives in Germany and has done so since the 90s. Due to work and pretty much everything else, this was the first time I’d seen him in three years. Consequently, when he asked me to photograph his motorbike, I, of course, said yes.

Using One Speedlight for Bridal Portraits

  Lets talk budget stuff. One speedlight. What can we do with one speedlight? Well, in this instance, we used it to create a nice directional light which defined the texture and shape of the dress.

Shape, Form and Texture in Product Photography

This was photographed as part of a product portfolio for an equestrian equipment supplier, Saddles Direct in Burnley.

Let There be Light!

This was a very simple, but effective setup. The image was taken quite late in the evening and in darkness. All light is provided by off-camera flash, and the downside was having to setup by touch in the dark. We had a solitary LED torch, which helped, but it took a great deal longer to setup than I would have preferred.

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