Calthwaite Hall Wedding Brochure Shoot

Calthwaite Hall is a beautiful location for a wedding, and as such, I had been asked to photograph their wedding brochure. Calthwaite Hall was originally built out of cut stone in 1837, and was designed in the Elizabethan style.

More headshots for Catherine Boden

Some of you may recall the portfolio shoot I did for Catherine Boden of Glamorise, a makeup artist and stylist from Manchester. These images were part of a wedding brochure shoot for Calthwaite Hall, and another entry will cover the actual shoot for their brochure at a later date. Due to a number of circumstances, not least the fact the ambient light disappeared as the girls arrived (Particularly bad travel problems for the girls, and the fact it was the last week of February), meant the main shoot was rescheduled for eight weeks later. The reason for this was the fact the Hall has a beautiful free standing staircase that relies on ambient light from a glass ceiling.

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