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A Gentleman’s Sport (and Ladies too!)

Last Sunday I was photographing a marshal arts tournament in Wakefield. This had been a follow on from a previous shoot I’d done for one of their academies in the summer. When first asked to photograph the tournament, it stirred old memories of the Judo and  Karate competitions I had entered, some thirty five years ago. Adrenaline fuelled egos in the changing rooms, and opportunities

A Gentleman’s Sport (and Ladies too!)2020-10-19T17:24:04+01:00

KTM Riding Rough

I was asked to get some images of White Power Suspension products in action during the MotoX des Nations. This proved to be a very enjoyable assignment, as I was also asked to provide images for a couple of magazines and ad agency. So, to actually manage to roll four assignments into one trip was quite a feat. Hmmmm, haven't managed it since though! I

KTM Riding Rough2020-10-19T17:24:15+01:00

Portpatrick Weekend

A bit of a disaster really. Arrived on the evening of the 26th August, and looking forward to photographing the jetskiing and spending time with good friends. Well, the friends were great, the jetskiing was short lived (very!) and the weather was tripe!

Portpatrick Weekend2020-10-19T17:24:26+01:00

The Regatta revived!

Funny, isn’t it? You get told everything’s off. There’s no water, no lake, no boats, no people and no fun! Until you speak to one of the guys in charge. “Yes, the water will be low, and we can’t say for sure how low. Cancel? not yet!”

The Regatta revived!2020-10-19T17:24:29+01:00

The Regatta is sunk!

Just been informed that a regatta I was to cover in September near Denbigh, Wales has been cancelled. Apparently the organisers were informed by email within the last day or so. The waterboard are draining the lake to allow maintenance to be carried out on a wall. The lake will be out of use throughout the yacht club’s busiest time, and re-filling isn’t scheduled to

The Regatta is sunk!2020-10-19T17:24:29+01:00
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