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A Parasol at Twilight

This image is from the last part of the informal portrait session I tend to do, between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception. I’d gotten some nice backlit shots with the Lencarta Safari, but wanted a change of tack.

A Parasol at Twilight2020-10-19T17:23:50+01:00

Sunkissed at Belmont, Bolton

This is a technique I’d been wanting to use for some time, and just wasn’t presented with the opportunity. Either the weather wasn’t right, or the background wasn’t good, or the image just wasn’t going to suit the couple. However, this time it all fell into place. And the irony of it is, I had the right weather, backdrop and suitable couple only two weeks

Sunkissed at Belmont, Bolton2020-10-19T17:23:52+01:00

Corporate Headshot, Preston

This was a fairly straightforward remit. Photograph one of the business partners (no problem there), make it a businesslike environment (plenty of spare office space, so that’s ok too), and make him look like he means business! (oops).

Corporate Headshot, Preston2020-10-19T17:23:52+01:00

Hair Salon Photography for Toni and Guy

Photographing hair for salon shots is quite demanding. You need more lights than usual and more patience than usual. You also need a model that can maintain a pose within the given area dictated by the gridded hair light. So, with that in mind, how far do you think you can get if you are going to do it all in the salon, in a

Hair Salon Photography for Toni and Guy2020-10-19T17:23:52+01:00
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