Promotional Video of the Lencarta SuperFast Heads

As promised, the rather gorgeous video produced by KateH arling of Marmalade Toast for the launch and promotion of Lencarta’s IGBT SuperFast Heads.

Freezing Action with the Lencarta SuperFast Heads

Remember young Mollie? Well, I tested our friendship with this particular shoot. I’d previously shot some images with the Lencarta SuperFast heads and Emma, and felt I couldn’t really subject Emma to the same sort of treatment. This particular shoot was to produce the promotional video for the heads, and would involve water, milk yoghurt and colourants. Yep, it was going to be messy and smelly!

Behind the scenes with Montego Bay

Remember the band shoot I did for Montego Bay, along with Captive North? Well, this is the video I couldn't bribe Captive North to bury, Meh!

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