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Using Speedlights to Maximum Effect for OCF

This is OCF (off camera flash) at it’s cheapest, along with the use of some basic rules and techniques. Seeing as sunsets tend to be in short supply in the UK, I try and make the most of any sunset that coincides with an event I’m photographing, and this particular wedding at Murrayshall House in Perth, Scotland, was one such event.

Using Speedlights to Maximum Effect for OCF2020-10-19T17:22:54+01:00

The Tides of Change

A funny thing happened on the way to the studio, or so the story begins. For some time my wife, along with a few close friends and employees, had basically nagged me senseless to look at purchasing a camera system that would be radically different to my work gear.

The Tides of Change2020-10-19T17:22:56+01:00
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