BTS Video – ELB1200 Review

  A brief video of the last part of the Elinchrom ELB1200 review, using the Pro head for High Sync.

PR and Marketing Photography

  Marketing and PR photography. Something that tells the viewer “This is me, and this is what I do.”

The Importance of Light

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate the importance of light with regards to the quality of the image. The reason for for this demonstration came about due to a conversation on the Micro Four Thirds Forum. One of the members pointed out that whilst they were lighting tutorials, some members may take affront at the fact a Nikon D4 had been used in some tutorials, rather than an Olympus or Panasonic. I explained the lighting tutorials were exactly that, and the capture equipment was neither here nor there. I also promised to demonstrate the effect good lighting has when coupled with a low end camera. In this case, a ten year old compact camera, a Fujifilm F31fd stolen from my Dad!

Ice, Ice Baby!

If you challenge a photographer, they’ll likely want to do it properly. And at this point, it’s either go big, or go home!

Promotional Video of the Lencarta SuperFast Heads

As promised, the rather gorgeous video produced by KateH arling of Marmalade Toast for the launch and promotion of Lencarta’s IGBT SuperFast Heads.

Behind the scenes with Montego Bay

Remember the band shoot I did for Montego Bay, along with Captive North? Well, this is the video I couldn't bribe Captive North to bury, Meh!

Lencarta Mach 1N Transceivers in use

This is the promo video for the Lencarta Mach 1N Transceivers. Shot near the studio, in a local children's playground. The images from the day and an explanation of settings etc. can be found here. Many thanks to Matins Arbidans for his time and effort on the day. The guy really can leap over tall buildings! Thanks must also go to Marmalade Toast who produced the video.

Fashion Shoot for Lencarta

A shoot for Lencarta, utilising the Safari Li-on and various modifiers. There's a fairly comprehensive walkthrough of each of the three locations used, with explanations as to why we chose the location, the reasons behind the choice of modifier and how we overcame any challenges that became apparent during the day. For those who would rather not watch the moving picture type stuff, or would like

Wedding Venue Brochure Shoot

The Marriott brochure shoot seemed to develop into far more than just a straightforward wedding venue brochure shoot. We managed to combine three the assignment into the one shoot.

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