A Gentleman’s Sport (and Ladies too!)

Last Sunday I was photographing a marshal arts tournament in Wakefield. This had been a follow on from a previous shoot I’d done for one of their academies in the summer. When first asked to photograph the tournament, it stirred old memories of the Judo and  Karate competitions I had entered, some thirty five years ago. Adrenaline fuelled egos in the changing rooms, and opportunities for bullies on the Judo mats. Can’t say I enjoyed it at fourteen years of age, and I suppose I was expecting similar. My, how things have changed.

Fusion Outdoors

I was asked to cover the launch of an event catering company by the name of Fusion Outdoors. Sounds nice, I thought. Location catering for events and yadda yadda yadda, met them all before and all pretty much samey blah blah blah. oops! I was then told this company was actually a new venture for an established high class restaurant in Preston, the Fusion Room on Friargate. Hmmmm, now that titbit of information turned my perception of the company on it’s head. I hadn’t met a company like this before and it was hardly going to be samey.

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