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New Year’s Eve at Carlito’s Cocktail Bar, Clitheroe

Club photography, not the easiest of disciplines to get right, although an awful lot of young photographers would like to follow it. I had a request to cover the New Year’s Eve party at Carlito’s Cocktail Bar in Clitheroe, which I happily accepted and quite looked forward to. I went along to meet the owner, Carlo, and took to him very quickly. A rather quietly

New Year’s Eve at Carlito’s Cocktail Bar, Clitheroe2020-10-19T17:24:02+01:00

Passion 4 Events Themed 80s Night

This one seems to have slipped my mind, which is a shame, as I rather enjoyed the evening. Imagine an 80s theme night. I’m not just talking music here, but lots of little (and large) things that all made the 1980s memorable. Rubik’s cube anyone? Yep, they were about in abundance, along with genuine (although newly made) sweets from the 80s, such as sherbert fountains

Passion 4 Events Themed 80s Night2020-10-19T17:24:02+01:00

A dark and empty room… Wedding Photography at Garstang Country Hotel

This was a rather nice wedding, partly because it coincided with my birthday (so I had a thoroughly enjoyable day sharing someone else’s celebrations) and partly because it was in the middle of all that Christmas snow. I had intended to use an image from the outdoor session, with the snow etc, but rather liked this particular shot, so I’m afraid you’re stuck with this

A dark and empty room… Wedding Photography at Garstang Country Hotel2020-10-19T17:24:02+01:00

Wedding Fayre Season

Well, the wedding fayre season has well and truly kicked off for 2011, with my first of the year at Farington Lodge in Leyland, an excellent venue that has just had their main rooms refreshed, all looking rather swanky! The last one I attended at Farington Lodge was on one of the hottest days of 2010, which affected the numbers of visitors, and the one

Wedding Fayre Season2020-10-19T17:24:02+01:00
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