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A Different Angle

It can get to a point where a sense of Deja Vu sets in. Done that, seen this and been there before! I like to vary things with my brides and grooms, for my own sanity as much as anything. It only takes one wedding where I haven’t pushed myself to look for a creative slant for an image, and I feel I’ve let my

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The People’s Catwalk

The idea of working a very long day, under someone elses direction, doesn't seem to appeal to a lot of photographers. Tell them they'll be doing it for free, and you tend to lose any audience you have. But there are occasions when it should be given careful consideration.

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The Ring Bearer

The bride and groom are always the focus of attention. It goes without saying, really. However, it’s all too easy to become blind to anything other than the bride and groom, which is a real shame.

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Naturally Lit. No, really!

Nothing looks more natural, than natural light, right? Well, sorta. I often have the idea a beautiful young bride would look great with no more light than whatever’s available from the window. You know, natural like.

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Location portraits, I love them. This may look like a studio portrait, but it was actually taken in the front room of her house. ok, so I may have a few problems to solve when arriving at the chosen venue, but I find I get images that show more of the subject’s character.


Church Interior – St. leonard’s, Walton-le-Dale

I’m quite torn as to my preference for wedding services. Hotels are great! Most times the bride and groom are staying at the hotel before the service, they’re having the ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception there. Isn’t that wonderful! I don’t have to race from one town to another, to try and beat the limousine to the reception. I’m not going to worry about

Church Interior – St. leonard’s, Walton-le-Dale2020-10-19T17:24:12+01:00
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