Wedding photography Barton Grange Hotel

This was a very simple, but effective setup. The image was taken quite late in the evening and in darkness. All light is provided by off-camera flash, and the downside was having to setup by touch in the dark. We had a solitary LED torch, which helped, but it took a great deal longer to setup than I would have preferred.

Most of the greenery is lit from a single source the far side of the bride and groom, which was placed to provide their rim light. I used a Godox Witstro 360Ws, firing through the dedicated beauty dish without the grid. This ensured the light was widespread so as to light the foliage, path and trellis. It was around chest height to ensure it as hidden by the bride and groom, and output was set to 1/8th

A second Witstro 360 was placed in the garden area, frame right, about waist height, and set to fire through the trellis using a standard reflector, and again at about 1/8th output. The foliage on the garden side of the trellis gave the light a green tint, which can be seen on the bridal gown.

The main light was alongside me, and to my right (frame right). Another Witstro 360 mated to an 80x80cm folding softbox raised to just about head height, or at least until it fouled on the overhead trellis. It was angled downward towards the couple and set to 1/16th output.

My biggest problem was focusing, as to be absolutely blunt, you cannot focus on what you cannot see. That’s why I pack an LED torch. Something as simple as a basic torch can work wonders in a situation like this. Bear in mind, most mobile phones have the ability to use their LED light as a torch, and even this can be bright enough to get you out of a hole!

Most dark places I have shot, have had some illumination, even if it’s still very dim. However, this particular setting had no lighting at all, was surrounded by high hedges which shielded the area from the road, and any street lighting. Apparently, according to the hotel, the front garden area isn’t used by clients throughout winter, so they haven’t invested in any lighting. Gee!, I wonder why it isn’t used?

Tip of the day? Pack a torch!

1/125th sec ISO400 f5.6

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