I was asked to get some images of White Power Suspension products in action during the MotoX des Nations. This proved to be a very enjoyable assignment, as I was also asked to provide images for a couple of magazines and ad agency. So, to actually manage to roll four assignments into one trip was quite a feat. Hmmmm, haven’t managed it since though!

I needed to find a way of conveying the products effective use and give the viewer an impression the suspension was doing its job to the full. The usual airbourne shots weren’t going to cut it, no matter how exciting they look. If it’s in the air, the suspension takes time out, and so will the client.

What I needed was a corner with a lot of loose dirt and a clear view of the suspension logo. After all, what good is a product shot if you can’t identify the product.

Nikon D2Hs 70-200 F8 1/640th ISO200