Ever seen inside a stretched limousine? No? Well, neither had I until working on a portfolio for an exclusive wedding venue. Besides a number of bridal portraits in various locations within the venue, there were also a couple of stretched limousines parked outside. Not one to waste an opportunity………..      🙂

After sundown, I asked our very obliging model bride if she wouldn’t mind making her way to the front of the limousine. Well, I have to give her credit, because it can’t have been that easy for her, not in that wedding dress. Normally the bride and groom climb into these salubrious carriages, and stay at the back. Meaning, they barely get in before they sit down!

It’s quite a haul to the front of the cabin, and once we managed to get her ensconced, I then settled into the seat usually taken by the bride and groom, looking forward at the model. I have to say I can see the appeal of the rather extravagant carriages. Your uncles old Merc just doesn’t cut it!

I found the starlit roof quite fascinating, along with the swathe of colour along one side, which gently wafted from one shade to another. Quite beautifully done.

Hmmmm, I needed to catch not only the interior, but the emotion it tends to purvey too.

Any additional lighting would likely subdue the effect, or possibly kill it all together. Only one option was really available, which was to go with the ambient light.

Nikon D3 24-70 F2.8 1/20th ISO3200 hand held

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