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How Wedding Venues Use Imagery In Their Brochures

How Wedding Venues Use Imagery In Their Brochures Wedding venues recognise the immense power of images in their sales brochures. Through captivating visuals, they tell a visual story, showcase amenities and features, inspire design ideas, create a memorable experience, and instil confidence in potential clients. These images capture the essence of the venue, creating a deep emotional connection and allowing couples to envision their dream

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Review Phottix Raja 65cm

Review Phottix Raja 65cm I've used the Phottix Raja range of softboxes for quite a few years, and found their quality to be outstanding. So when I was looking for a smaller alternative to my Phottix Raja 105cm, I took a look at the Raja 65. Well, to be fair, I prevaricated over buying it about three years ago, when I went on a bit

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Wedding Photography at Samlesbury Hotel

Wedding Photography at Samlesbury Hotel Occasionally, I come across a venue where I feel I may have a bit of a challenge with regards as to where I may do the portrait session. The Samlesbury Hotel is one of those. There is a large car park, which basically surrounds the hotel. There is a field, which I’ve used before, but it wasn’t going to work

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Asian Bridal Brochure Photography

This particular image was part of a bridal brochure shoot for the Marriott hotel group. They had a healthy number of wedding bookings, but there seemed an obvious lack of engagement with the Asian community. A review of their wedding marketing image quickly revealed why. There were no Asian bridal imagery displayed anywhere. It’s difficult to engage a target customer if they cannot see an

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Speedlighting a Bridal Portrait

This was one of those settings that on the face of it, should have been great. Farington Lodge Hotel had recently built this gazebo at the far end of their grounds, with electricity supplied with the intention of some lighting to provide a nice romantic ambience to the setting.

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