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Review Elinchrom Five

Review Elinchrom Five Following the launch of the Elinchrom One, Elinchrom hinted at something bigger on the horizon. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Five. At first glance, it looked very, very familiar. The case certainly looked like the ELC 500 and the Pro HD version, and the rear layout is identical to the ELC 500. The only visible difference is the battery block underneath. So

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Review Phottix Raja Deep 80cm Hexa

Review Phottix Raja Deep 80cm Hexa This is not your bog standard, use every day kinda box. And it was certainly not bought with the intention of using it for all and sundry. No, I had a very distinct idea as to how and when I would use this box, which I will come to later. If you own any of the Phottix Raja range

Review Phottix Raja Deep 80cm Hexa2022-08-16T17:04:55+01:00

Review Phottix Raja 105 Hexabox

Review Phottix Raja 105 Hexabox I have previously reviewed the Phottix Raja 30x140cm Stripbox. An incredibly well made and extremely high quality modifier. The stripbox was my first encounter with the Phottix range of modifiers, and a bit of a lightbulb moment (Look Mum, I made a pun!).

Review Phottix Raja 105 Hexabox2022-08-12T19:19:45+01:00

New Lighting Courses

We have created a clear and structured range of training days, covering lighting and photography for photographers of all abilities. Simply choose your subject and choose the course suited to your ability.

New Lighting Courses2020-10-19T17:22:43+01:00

Cosplayer Photography

  This was a bit of fun. Something to prove I don’t just “work” and I have a real life outside the studio, or something like that. A horror cosplay shoot organised by the wonderful Hazel Riddle, friend, photographer and a general tormentor.

Cosplayer Photography2020-10-19T17:22:47+01:00

The Importance of Light

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate the importance of light with regards to the quality of the image. The reason for for this demonstration came about due to a conversation on the Micro Four Thirds Forum. One of the members pointed out that whilst they were lighting tutorials, some members may take affront at the fact a Nikon D4 had been used in

The Importance of Light2020-10-19T17:22:59+01:00

The ELB 400 Boudoir Shoot

  This shoot was developed for a number of reasons. The manufacturer of the butterfly corset wanted some lifestyle imagery to supplement their standard e-commerce images. I also wanted a studio project to make use of the Elinchrom ELB 400 and this would be my first studio use of the kit. I subsequently used the ELB 400 for high speed product photography to great success,

The ELB 400 Boudoir Shoot2020-10-19T17:23:02+01:00
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