Photographing corporate events, such as awards evenings, conference or even the company Christmas party, are always fun to do. The main consideration being the client’s intended use for the images. Are they to be used simply as a record of events for the staff, or are they to be used in promotional material for the future, such as advertising or recruitment etc.

However, no matter what the intended use, the fact remains, the company has invested a considerable amount of money in these events. Quite often a lot has gone into the lighting, helping create the image and atmosphere the company want. It’s the atmosphere of such occasions we need to capture.

Flash really isn’t an option, unless there is a need for head shots as the guests arrive, but that would be about it.

If I’m to capture the ambience of a place, I tend to lean quite heavily on low light techniques, ensuring I get images that match the memories of the participants. Get  it right, and repeat business is almost guaranteed.

This is one area of photography that tends to sell itself.

Nikon D3 1/100th sec ISO1600 24-70mm f2.8