How does this image look to you? I mean, how was it taken?

Does it look like a studio shot, low key lighting for a moody feel to it?

Well, far from it, actually.The image was taken on a fairly bright afternoon, at the client’s home. The child was lay on top of a fleece blanket in a wicker basket, although the basket isn’t really seen in this image. I had a speedlight either side of me, although for this particular image, I switched off the speedlight to my right, relying solely on the lefthand strobe.

The ambient light wasn’t too bad, and ISO400 f10 and 1250th sec was fine to kill it, and anything remaining by way of background bright spots were killed in post processing.

Very simple to set up and carry out. Although a word of warning: Don’t lie on the floor in a dark suit if the client has a light coloured dog!!!

Nikon D3 1/250th ISO400 24-70mm f10 sb-800 triggered by Radiopoppers PX