I’ve already talked about this particular shoot in a previous entry. But this one image grabs my attention every time I see it, no matter what I’m doing. The whole assignment had several challenges on the evening, especially with it taking place in a very busy bar on their busiest night of the week. But the main priority was to get the required image.

By that, I mean the image my client has in her mind when she enlists me. That may sound fairly easy, but isn’t always the case. Sometimes the client can have a general idea as to what they want, but no specifics. Sometimes the client can be extremely specific, to the point it’s damn near unachievable, and doesn’t leave any room to breathe, let alone be creative.

With this particular assignment, and in fact with all “Dare to be Different” assignments, I believe I’m quite lucky to be dealing with Rachel Mason, who definitely knows what she wants out of a photographic assignment, and yet doesn’t try to strangle any creative input from myself.

Rachel will ask for a particular look, but allow me to get to that look in my own way regarding lighting and posing etc.

Besides general shots, Rachel wanted head and shoulders to highlight her hair and makeup work.  Head shots are traditionally upright, and in portrait format, and also tend to be fairly strongly lit.

So, with that in mind, I asked Emma to clamber onto the poole table and find a relaxed position.

This is my favourite from the whole assignment, and I believe it’s Rachel’s favourite too!

Nikon D3 1/160th ISO100 24-70mm f5.6

Single Lencarta Safari 600ws head at 1/4 fired through a 70x100cm softbox. Triggered by Yongnuo RF602