In a follow up to the last post (Dare to be Different), things seem to be moving rather quickly for Rachel and her new company. More models, more creative ideas from Rachel, and more venues.

This particular assignment had a few interesting points.

The venue was “The Venue” in Colne, a lively bar with quite a young clientèle, which on a Saturday night, meant it was quite rowdy. Oh, did I forget to mention this assignment was to be shot in a bar during opening hours, on the busiest night of the week?

ok, so you have a mental image of a rather busy bar with young lads enjoying themselves. Now add to that mix, a very attractive young lady by the name of Emma, who was our model for the evening. Now imagine Emma in the shortest dress I’ve seen in years!

Get the idea?

Actually, we had few problems by way of local interference, and Emma handled the attention with aplomb.

The venue provided a great backdrop with a musically inspired wall of artwork, and we used it to good effect. The multicoloured backdrop worked well to set off the colours Rachel had used for Emma’s hair and makeup, creating a good vibrant mix. Lighting was provided with a Lencarta Safari setup, utilising their ringflash as a main source, to provide a fairly hard look to the image. Fill light was provided by a 70x100cm softbox.