Fashion Photography in Lancashire

Fashion photography can be a funny old thing. You meet with the client and they have a good grasp of what they want. They want the detail to show, and the quality to stand out. Great, that means they aren’t going to go for that full on flat lit look, so often seen on their competitors websites. Something to look forward to.

Food Photography in Burnley, Lancashire

This was the second shoot with Hazel for her client, Kenanks in Burnley.

Headshot Photography for the Photographer

Meet Damien McGlade, photographer and a long time friend. Although he did scare the hell out of me when I first met him. But that’s another story.

Food Photography for Kenanks of Burnley

This image is from a shoot whilst supporting Hazel Riddle during a food shoot for her client, Kenanks of Burnley.

Product Photography on White, for Fennel UK

Fennel UK manufacture door furniture, predominantly for the leisure industry such as caravans and boats.

Food Photography, Burnley

These were actually taken almost three years ago, for Ninos, an Italian restaurant in Cliviger.

Clarke Carlisle – Foundation for Dual Diagnosis

Meet Clarke Carlisle, ex professional footballer and founder of the charity, Foundation for Dual Diagnosis. My brief was to take a few location portraits, which were to be more than the usual corporate headshots. Something a little different.

Product Photography – Perspex Signs

  As products go, these signs had their own set of challenges. The main thing I wanted to preserve, was the three dimensional nature and depth of the acrylic. The numbering was quite pronounced within the plastic, and I wanted to make sure that was obvious to the viewer. What I didn’t want, was any glare or flaring caused by the highly polished perspex.

Using One Speedlight for Bridal Portraits

  Lets talk budget stuff. One speedlight. What can we do with one speedlight? Well, in this instance, we used it to create a nice directional light which defined the texture and shape of the dress.

Using Elinchrom HS heads to freeze motion

I’m in the process of moving across to Elinchrom, and one of the areas of my work that looked like it may throw up a challenge or two is high speed photography. Water splashes against products and that sort of thing. There’s a basic rule of thumb when shooting high speed imagery such as the above. IGBT rules!. From speedlights to IGBT location lights and now IGBT studio lights, these are generally the weapon of choice when shooting the likes of water splashes, water wigs and suchlike. Elinchrom do not provide an IGBT option, as they employ a Voltage controlled system.

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