There seems to be a steady increase in interest regarding location portrait shoot. And I have to say I’m rather pleased with the shift in trend. Studios are great when the subject and intended finished image are what you want from a studio, but I find so many studio shots have a sterile air about them, and don’t bring a lot of the subjects character forward.

This is coming from someone who has recently opened a complex of four studios in Nelson!

Location shoots do have pros and cons though. They can provide more interest for the final image viewer, and the background can be used to enhance the “story” of the subject. It can also provide context for the theme of the image.

However, backgrounds can be distracting if chosen badly. Sunlight is another lightsource you have to manage, along with all the other variables that seem to pop up on a location shoot. Passing public always seem to consist of a knowledgeable photographer wanting to pass on their experience 🙂

The weather has to be taken into account too, as does the legalities of the location itself. Do you know you have to have permission to photograph in a public park in the UK? They aren’t public property, although owned by the council, and the other thing regarding public parks is the fact you need public indemnity cover to the tune of £5M.

Sarah has a strong interest in all things vampire and Goth, so this particular council park was ideal.

Lencarta Safari at marginally more than 1/4 output through a 120 Octabox camera right. Fill was provided by a 60×60 softbox the other side of the pillar on the left.

Nikon D3 1/60th sec ISO200 24-70mm f5.6