Location portraits, I love them. This may look like a studio portrait, but it was actually taken in the front room of her house. ok, so I may have a few problems to solve when arriving at the chosen venue, but I find I get images that show more of the subject’s character.

Why? Because they are more relaxed in their own surroundings. Parents will associate with that statement, but it can be true of adults too, especially teenagers. It’s an awkward time of life, the teen years. Unsure as to how to act, and unsure as to who their real peer group are. Are they older “kids” or young adults?

I tend to allow them to come up with a venue that suits them. It may be their home, but it could just as easily be a skatepark, a wooded area, recreation ground, abandoned building, beach etc. The main point is to find somewhere they feel relaxed and familiar. If they help choose the location, they’re more likely to be relaxed.

If they are relaxed, far more of their character will come through in the images.

I also tell them to bring any props they wish, dress in a style they prefer and also bring any ideas they may like to try. Do they want the hard bitten edgy look of the Die Hard 4 promo images? fair enough. Or the sultry screen  goddess? The choice is theirs, and makes them involved in the decision making.

Sure, location work has it’s challenges, but it can be very rewarding.

Nikon D3 1/125th sec ISO400 24-70mm f5

Ambient window light from camera left as main light. Single SB-900 immediate camera right as fill

Post processed using Stuart Little’s actions