The bride and groom are always the focus of attention. It goes without saying, really. However, it’s all too easy to become blind to anything other than the bride and groom, which is a real shame.

I consider myself to be lucky, as I have an assistant who leaves the main stuff to me, and constantly scouts for the unusual or quirky image, not to mention all those little things that go on around the wedding party that the bride, groom and photographer are blissfully unaware of.

On this occasion, there was a little role reversal. Anne had weaved her way around the room, and taken up position near the front with a good view of the bride and groom, whilst I had stayed back to get a shot of the bride arriving alongside the groom. As I took the shot, the ring bearer glanced around at the sound of the shutter, and I immediately snatched this one.

It would have been all too easy to take the intended photograph of the bride and groom, and then move on, missing the opportunity of an image that brings a lot of comment.

Venue : Kings Croft, Pontefract, Yorkshire

Ambient light

Nikon D3 at 1/50th sec ISO 3200 24-70 f4.5

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