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Review Sirui E30B Bi-Colour Soft LED Panel

Review Sirui E30B Bi-Colour Soft LED Panel As a lot of you will know, my main strength is lighting, and this is what attracts my clients. It tends to be strobe lighting in some form or other, and I’ve tended to leave the LED panels generally to the videographers. I mean, they’re the folks that actually need constant light, right? Well, I’m starting to change

Review Sirui E30B Bi-Colour Soft LED Panel2022-08-12T19:10:49+01:00

Lencarta Mach 1N Transceivers in use

This is the promo video for the Lencarta Mach 1N Transceivers. Shot near the studio, in a local children's playground. The images from the day and an explanation of settings etc. can be found here. Many thanks to Matins Arbidans for his time and effort on the day. The guy really can leap over tall buildings! Thanks must also go to Marmalade Toast who produced the video.

Lencarta Mach 1N Transceivers in use2020-10-19T17:23:35+01:00

Fashion Shoot for Lencarta

A shoot for Lencarta, utilising the Safari Li-on and various modifiers. There's a fairly comprehensive walkthrough of each of the three locations used, with explanations as to why we chose the location, the reasons behind the choice of modifier and how we overcame any challenges that became apparent during the day. For those who would rather not watch the moving picture type stuff, or would like

Fashion Shoot for Lencarta2020-10-19T17:23:37+01:00
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