The Marriott brochure shoot seemed to develop into far more than just a straightforward wedding venue brochure shoot. We managed to combine three the assignment into the one shoot.

The wedding venue brochure shoot for the Marriott in Preston, a portfolio shoot for Zoe Cookson who imports couture wedding gowns. Finally, it was also for Zoe’s advertising campaign with the Live Magazine group.

I do like being able to combine assignments, as all the clients can usually save something. On this occasion though, whereas I usually save time, I think that went out the window with having the shoot documented by Captive North.

Having said that, Lencarta offered onsite technical support for their latest Safari equipment I was to test and use. Garry Edwards of Lencarta not only provided said support, he also ran round like a good’un, doing all the little things the very best assistants manage to get done without you realising. Many thanks Garry.

Details of the shoot and a summary of my findings with regards to the new Safari Li-on may be read here.

Jane Hughes of Live Magazines may be contacted on 07875 696928

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