This is a very simple and quick portrait setup, giving quite a nice three dimensional feel to the image.

It’s basically a simple cross light setup. Frame left, I placed a large 4′ x 3′ softbox in an upright position and pretty much straight on to our client. It was attached to an Elinchrom ELB400 with EL adaptor, and firing at an output of 4.0

Frame right, and beyond our subject, I had another ELB400 with EL adaptor, firing through a 30x40cm stripbox with a honeycomb fitted, at an output of 4.0

Both softboxes were fairly close to the subject.

Both lights could be swapped for speedlights, if suitable modifiers and adaptors can be sought. Potentially, you may need to increase the ISO, or use a wider aperture to compensate.

E-M1 mkII 1/125th sec ISO200 12-40mm f2.8 @f10

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