This is a departure from my usual posts, as it’s not a lighting tutorial or a review of a piece of equipment. It is, however, of use to every Olympus shooter.

Ever heard of Tony Ventouris, or Unlocking Olympus? Okay, besides when I mentioned Tony and his website when I wrote about the issue regarding the E-M1 mkII and HiRes mode not firing studio lights. Oh, not read it?

Never mind.

Tony has a site dedicated to exploring the depth of the often obtuse menus and options of the Olympus system. Now, to be honest, that’s a small part of the site. He reviews the equipment, offers advice n most effective setups and customisation. He also creates Olympus specific presets for Lightroom, and I have to say, they have saved me a huge amount of time in my post processing. And as they say, time is money. Tony offers a full set of workflow presets free of charge.

Erm, yeah. I think he’s nuts too. The amount of time these presets have saved me means they are worth a tidy sum to me. Because of that, I bought his Art filters and e-booklet. (Do it!)

The other aspect of his site are the interviews with photographers, providing an insight into their journey, as well as their work.

And for those that haven’t read my own interview, it can be found here.

For the Olympus users reading this, I would assume you already read Tony’s blog regularly.

And if not, shame on you.

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