So what was I to do with two cancelled regattas and five days between them in Wales? I made it a weeks vacation instead, and photographed anything I fancied. Just for me. No editors, no clients, no one. Just for me.

So, pretty much a week in Betws-y-coed with pretty good weather and a motorhome stuffed to the gills with gear and no deadlines. I felt 18 again! It was great.

er……….. what now!

No deadlines means no pressure, no editors means no agenda, and no clients means no subject. Hmmm, that means I have to find something all on my own. Strange how all of a sudden there is nothing to photograph.

Walking/limping along the riverbank, I came across this solitary toadstool/mushroom thing on a log. With not a lot else to occupy my time, I dropped anchor and set about taking a few snaps to check the lighting and overall feel of the composition. I felt there was a little too much ambient lighting, giving a rather flat look to the whole image. I took a single SB-900 and put it on its little footstand just out of picture left, basically crosslighting the toadstool thing. The flash was co-ordinated and commanded by an SU-800 and utilising Nikon’s CLS.

Nikon D3 24-70mm 2.8 @ f4 1/320th sec ISO 800

This was actually done as a test run after getting my D3 back from service.