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In the summer of 2014, I was contacted by Cabinet Maker magazine with a request for an interview regarding product photography in relation to the furniture industry. This started a flurry of activity as we quickly shot a number of images specifically for the article, ahead of the interview. We wanted to sow a range of styles and locations, mainly to show our flexibility.

With the above image, I needed to carefully balance the flash used inside, with the ambient light outside. Otherwise, I risked having the windows and scenery beyond lose detail and contrast if they were overexposed.

A Lencarta Atom 360 was placed at the top of the stairs, illuminating the wall and beam via a standard reflector at 1/8th output. A second Atom 360 was positioned within the doorway to the living room, seen almost central in the image. This was set to 1/16th output, and again firing through a standard reflector.

A third Atom 360 was positioned on a tall lightstand firing directly up and through a standard reflector with an output of ¼. This particular light provided the general illumination, with the other two providing the contrast and shape.

Nikon D4 1/200th sec ISO200 24-70mm @24mm f6.3

The dining table and chairs were fairly compact, allowing the light sources to be nearer, without impacting on the frame. I used a Lencarta Elite Pro 600Ws frame right, at head height with an output of ¼. It was mated to a gridded 150cm Profold Octa.

A second Elite Pro 600Ws was placed frame left and hard against the wall. This was a little nearer than the one on the right, and had the power output set to 1/8th and firing through another gridded 150cm Profold Octa.

The “sunlight” was provided by an Atom 180 firing at ½ power through a standard reflector (with the diffusion panel removed), at maximum height on a light stand. It was angled down to fire through the “patio door”. This was one shot that wasn’t taken specifically for the article. It was from a product shoot for an existing client.

Nikon D3 1/160th sec ISO200 24-70mm @60mm f14

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This was taken on an overcast day, with the sunlight provided by a Safari II, firing through a 40cm beauty dish on a high lightstand at ½ power camera right. A second Safari II was camera left, again firing through a 40cm beauty dish at about chest height with an output of ¼. This second Safari was providing a subtle fill, to prevent the main “sun” casting too much shadow along the side of the tub chair due to the curvature of the arm.

Nikon D4 1/125th sec ISO200 24-70mm @55mm f13

All styling was carried out by Lisa of

If you are remotely interested in the final article, you can read it here in PDF format

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