NOTE: New courses  This year’s courses are to run roughly once per month. Each day has a full itinerary starting at 1000hrs with a basic introduction to off camera flash (OCF), often referred to as strobist technique. Equipment requirements and capabilities are discussed and utilised to illustrate how to get the most from the least equipment.

The limitations of speedlights and mitigating those limitations, and how to increase the effectiveness of your strobist kit.

Why more is better. An introduction to location studio lighting

Lunch, which includes a buffet.

The afternoon is spent on location with both speedlights and location studio lighting.

1600hrs finish.

The morning is spent within the studios of Studio Sphere, allowing candidates to familiarise themselves with the equipment and theory, whereas the afternoon allows the theory to be put into practice with a model on location. The locations are not weather dependant, as there are covered venues available should the weather be particularly bad, although there are techniques that can be utilised in the rain etc.

The cost of the course is £99 per candidate, and includes lunch. To book, simply go to the course page at Studio Sphere’s site, and select the date that suits you, and then click “Buy Now”. Dates available are:

29th April 2012

26th May 2012

1st July 2012

29th July 2012

26th August 2012

29th September 2012

We can assist in locating overnight accommodation for candidates travelling from afar.

I look forward to meeting you