Not all corporate headshots need to be stuffy and boring, particularly if they are to reflect the companies ethics or approachability. One of the quickest ways to erect a barrier between a company and its clients is to have a “stuffy” portrait that doesn’t really give the company a human face, more a guard dog or security look.

This particular assignment had been requested by Hughan Design, as they wanted to give their website a human connection. The client is an international interior design company based in the UK, but working throughout the world. With prestigious clients such as Grosvenor House Hotel, Dubai, several Michelin Star acclaimed Restaurants and several high-end residential projects.

The first thing we did was to remove Angela from her working environment, and place her in a fresh environment that would also endorse an environmentally responsible feel to the image, and make the company seem approachable.

This is a typical cross lighting setup, with the sun utilised as the hair light, and balanced by a single Lencarta Safari head, fired through a 120cm folding octabox at about ¼ output, although this tended to swing between ¼ and ½ depending on closeness to subject etc.

Nikon D3 ISO200 1/60th sec 24-70mm f8

A little softer approach this time, with an area chosen that is a little shaded by some of the overhead leaves, although not greatly so. Again, a 120cm folding octabox placed camera right, and turned down to ¼ output. A reflector was also used just to lift the shadow under Angela’s jaw and eyebrows.

Nikon D3 ISO400 1/60th sec 24-70mm f8

Corporate headshots don’t have to scream corporate!

Taken at Car Wood Centre, a unique venue for meetings and location shoots etc.