This wedding at the Inn at Whitewell was over two days, with the wedding ceremony and wedding breakfast on the Friday, and the evening reception on the Saturday.

As the wedding breakfast was actually going to be fairly late in the evening, I discussed the informal portrait session with the bride and groom, and we decided to try for the following evening, before the start of the evening reception.

Best laid plans of mice and men, yadda, yadda, yadda

It was going dark early due to being heavily overcast. And it was raining!

Sheesh! Saturday evening in one of the busiest hotels in the area. Not much chance of finding a quiet corner for the informal portraits. Hmmmmmmm

I had seen Rachel with a lovely ornate umbrella the previous day, which reminded me of an earlier image I had created for a couple with an umbrella, only on that occasion, there wasn’t any rain, just clouds. All I had to do now was to convince Rachel and Lee to go out in the rain in a very expensive dress and suit. I did get a raised eyebrow from Rachel, but that said, she barely hesitated before agreeing, which meant Lee had no say  🙂

The preparation was all done with my assistant (Anne, my wife) standing in for the couple as I set the lights and did a couple of test shots. Once ready, Rachel and lee scampered out to the elected spot and sheltered under their umbrella, with Rachel holding her dress up, out of harms way. After showing her the image on the back of the camera, she threw the train of her dress beyond the shelter of her umbrella with a rather large grin.

After three years, I finally got the image I wanted  🙂

Many thanks to Rachel and Lee for grasping the nettle.

SB-800 far side of couple 1/4 power

SB-800 two feet to my left, 1/4 power

Yongnuo RF-602 triggers

Nikon D3 1/60th sec ISO800 24-70mm f8

I provide training via Focal Point.