This was another shoot for Rachel Mason of Dare to be Different, although quite a stark contrast to some of her usual work. Emma wore a business type suit, and the emphasise was to be kept to the colour of her hair. In fact, initial impressions were to be of a business woman waiting for a train, although more details would be revealed on closer examination.

The track is in poor repair, the isolation of the subject and the lack of vulnerability too. Also the splash of colour to her hair and piercings were to add to the intrigue.

The situation was ideal to use the Safari kit from Lencarta, and it proved invaluable to give me more than enough light and allow me to overpower the ambient light to provide an oppressive feel to the background. Emma is one of the models that regularly works with Rachel, and will also be available via the studio.

Nikon D3 1/200th sec 24-70mm f8 with the Lencarta Safari at 1/4 output. 0ne head out of frame right and about five feet behind Emma. The second head was out of frame left, and about four feet in front of Emma.

It was a very basic cross lighting setup, helping to lift Emma from the surroundings. For this type of location work, you really can’t beat the Safari!

As for post processing, I’ve pretty much covered that in a previous post here, regarding Stuart Little’s LPS Creative Essentials kit. Well worth a look  🙂

This image is part of a set for Loreal.