Saturday proved to be one of the more relaxing weddings I’ve photographed. No rush, no holdups and no complications. Leanne and Scott are both organised people, and it showed on the day. It was a nice sized wedding with close family and friends invited, who were all very warm people.

Leanne’s father, Paul, is a retired wedding photographer, and it was Paul who did the research regarding photographers for his daughter’s wedding. I was honoured I’d been chosen, but it did increase the pressure somewhat.

This is the first wedding party that has insisted we join them for the reception meal, and I’ll put money on Paul having something to do with that!

The ceremony was held at the registry office, and we made use of a nearby park area for some quick group photos, and then moved on to the reception venue, which didn’t offer an awful lot regarding scenic backdrops etc.

The image at the top of this post was taken immediately after the meal with me precariously balanced on the wall of one side of the fountain, shooting across the fountain to get the image.

Possibly not the best, but you utilise what you have available. There was a car park to my left and behind me, with the hotel (in standard brick) to my right. Hmmmm, not a lot of choice then.

D3 24-70 at 70mm f5.6 1/100th sec 400ISO fill flash at -0.7EV to lift the eyes and add a touch of highlight.

This second image was one of those you just see take place, and snap instinctively, not really appreciating it till you get back to the office. Taken as Scott and Leanne made ready before going outside for the image at the top of this post, it was a nice relaxed moment that just grabbed my attention, with waiting photographer in the background. (not me, obviously! my wife, Anne)

D3 24-70 at 27mm f4 1/30th sec 3200ISO