Hand Made Wedding Albums

I left traditional matted albums behind a long, long time ago. Instead, I tend to favour the digital albums with the images printed directly onto the page. This method ensures I have full control over the look and style of the album, and the layout is exactly as I wish it to be.

Waiting for the Train

This was another shoot for Rachel Mason of Dare to be Different, although quite a stark contrast to some of her usual work. Emma wore a business type suit, and the emphasise was to be kept to the colour of her hair. In fact, initial impressions were to be of a business woman waiting for a train, although more details would be revealed on closer examination.

Getting Creative With Essential Actions in Photoshop

Let me just say one thing first, and any serious photographer will subscribe to the same notion, actions are there to enhance good photographs. They can rarely rescue very bad exposures or techniques. It can certainly be done, but not usually with a “one click fixes all” approach, which a lot of folk seem to be desperately searching for. That said, if you understand the philosophy and ideas behind the use of photoshop actions, you can make a mediocre photograph look good. Better yet, you can make a good photograph look outstanding!

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